4 Reasons to Choose Bespoke Wedding Invitations

Your invitations, or save the dates for that matter, are the first real point of contact that your loved ones have with your wedding day. It’s the very first thing they receive that gets them excited for your special celebration, and it’s the first moment they have been invited to share it with you. So, it’s important to set the tone with right from the get-go with your invitations, and even better to keep a consistent theme, right through to your Thank You Note stationery.


But why choose bespoke stationery for your wedding?

There are a million pros to choosing bespoke stationery, but there are some that make all the difference for one of the most important days of your lives.

1. It’s all about you

When you choose bespoke wedding invitations, they can be completely tailor made to meet your tastes and wedding theme. There might be a colour scheme, bouquet or destination that inspires your vision of the big day; these can be incorporated into the stationery exactly as you imagine. If all the details aren’t finalized yet, an experienced artist can bring the feeling of your wedding to life. So sit back, dream of the big day and note down some ideas about how you might want your wedding to look and feel.

With a bespoke design, every little detail is designed especially for you, and that’s a feeling worth having along the way on your wedding journey, after all, this is your day.

And there’s nothing that adds a personal touch lIke the bespoke package your guests will receive in the post.


2. It builds up a buzz

The minute your loved ones get their invites, their excitement for your big day begins, right from the envelope itself. With bespoke invitations, your envelopes can be custom-designed to match your theme, and makes a rather special package for your guests.

A unique wedding invitation won’t only be pinned up on your mum’s fridge - everyone will want to find a special place for your piece of art in their home, and what better way to build up the excitement than have all your friends sharing   photos?

Special tip: Add your wedding hashtag to the invitations and that’ll get people tagging early on - this is a great way to build up your own shared photo album with friends and family.. for free!

You know what keeps the buzz going? Consistency. Consistency is key to having your big day be a memorable one, and you really want this to be a day to remember. Keep the beauty of your bespoke wedding invitations alive by carrying the theme through to your wedding day. Add place cards, table numbers, guest lists, menus and more to your wedding stationery collection, adding your own personal touch to every part of the day.

3. You can literally have anything you want

That's right; anything. You might not even know what it is you want yet, but that doesn’t matter either! When you choose bespoke there’s a consultation process involved whereby your designer will get to know your likes and dislikes, what ideas you have and what direction to take the theme in. An experienced artist will have a good portfolio of samples to show you, meaning even if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want, you can work together on the perfect wedding stationery, tailor-made for you. 

There are no limits when it comes to bespoke wedding invitations, that goes from the artwork used in your design, to the shape, size and style, which are all completely custom made for you. You could choose to have a portrait, a painting of your venue, a whimsical illustration or an overall theme, the list of options is endless.


4. It’s super luxury and yet super simple  

Let’s face it - you want your wedding to be a show-stopper, no matter what that term means to you. Whether it’s going to be a party of 15 or 150, this is one of those days where you want every last touch to ooze elegance. Your wedding stationery is designed to do just that, especially when the artist you hire takes care of putting it all together. 

Working with an artist means you’re only as involved as you want to be. 

I have worked with clients on bespoke stationery for destination weddings, themes and seasonal looks to name a few; every client is different, and that’s what makes this so much fun. In the consultation phase we go over tastes, the couple’s initial ideas, special details about the couple and the wedding day, and much more - this gives me a chance to get to know what would make the perfect stationery for my clients.